Stick welding has many names including covered electrode and Shielded Metal Arc Welding or SMAW for short. Over the years, Stick has become the preferred form of welding for more experienced welders as it’s one of the most versatile forms. The versatility allows the welder to easily weld outdoor without environmental concerns such as wind and can be used to weld most common metals and alloy.

Finding the best Stick welder that gives you the perfect compromise of price and quality is the key and is much hard than you think. When considering some of the biggest names in the business, Lincoln Electric always comes out on top. With their attention to detail in every aspect, the lineup of Lincoln Stick Welders are always mentioned among the best as they offer ease of use, durability, portability, and performance.

The following review details the Best Lincoln Stick Welders of 2020 as we’ve taken everything into consideration to make your buying decision much easier.

1. Lincoln Electric K3963-1 Powermig 210 Mp – 9.5

Lincoln Electric K3963-1 Powermig 210 Mp Review



  • Gives you Stick, Flux Core and TIG welding in one
  • Simple enough for beginners, but highly functional accommodating professionals
  • Intuitive front panel optimizing user control
  • Versatile, operates off 110v and 230v current
  • Durable and strong


  • Not suitable for larger projects

The Powermig isn’t only the best Lincoln Stick welders this year, it’s also one of the best period. This versatile, affordable and highly innovative Stick welder takes welding to the extreme, without breaking the bank. Coming in at hundreds less than competitors, you’re getting a portable, lightweight MIG which gives you dual voltage capability.

The Lincoln Electric Powermig features an intuitive push button control system. This optimizes user control and puts everything you need where it the most and makes setting up even for beginners a breeze. The ease of use is only one of the best aspects out of the box as you’re also getting a large display which guides you through the entire setup process.

For features, the Powermig is highlighted by advanced setting and options which gives the user better optimization. The capabilities of Lincoln Stick welder aren’t something you would expect at this price which helps it garner the top spot in this review.


2. Lincoln Electric K5126-1 Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder – 8.9



  • Simple to use and extremely versatile
  • Minimal learning curve and accommodates welders of all experience levels
  • Easy to change the pulse per second
  • Can effortlessly weld to 10 amps
  • Portable and lightweight desig


  • Cannot integrate a spool gun
  • Max AC frequency of 150 hz

The Square Wave by Lincoln Electric is a 200-amp TIG welder which is another model giving users more control over the product. Welders have come a long way and the Square Wave gives you dual functionality allowing you to Stick and TIG weld all from one power source. The versatility extends to the power source as you can take this welder to any jobsite and plug into any conventional power source.

The performance is something you would expect in a Lincoln Electric Stick welder including a super-smooth weld, continuous arc, ultra-quiet and minimal splatter. Cleanup is almost non-existent and with the added functionality you just don’t see in a Stick at this price this one is hard to pass up.



The above Lincoln Electric Stick welders are easily the best of the best. If you have any experience with the above or other Stick welders, why not share them with us in the comment section below.