For producing the best welding results multiple parameters have to be considered like current, length, welder type, welder quality and most importantly the angle of the welder. Why are welding carts angled? It is a frequently asked question by welders. 

There are really three main reasons most welding carts are angled: Visibility of the controls, maintaining a lower center of gravity for tip prevention, and avoiding the piling-on of welding equipment and other items to a flat surface.

1. For Manipulating Control

Perhaps the most significant reason for angled carts is to provide the reachability of your welding controls. By setting it at an angle, the cart allows you to see the controls at a direct angle while standing and preventing parallax. Parallax is the illusory difference between the actual object and the apparent position of an object depending on the viewer’s point of view. 

Hence, parallax is an important obstacle to overcome while welding. It is important to see the controls and gauges of your welding equipment accurately which is possible only with the help of the welding cart. The further benefit of this angle with regard to controls is that it keeps the welder in a better position to handle controls easily. A level shelf might be needed for stooping down to properly manipulate the controls as the welding process demands accuracy.

2. Low Center of Gravity

Another major benefit to the angled design of many welding carts is that it lowers the cart’s center of gravity and prevents tipping of the welders. Welders are not cheap tools, however, tumbling off the welders onto a concrete floor surely cause serious damage even to the most durable equipment. 

Thereby, the lower center of gravity created by an angled welding cart is so crucial. It significantly mitigates the chances of an unforeseen accident or trip causing your cart to tip. It is always a better idea to keep this in mind before seriously considering a straight-level welding cart.

3. Provides Clean Work Area

It is a great benefit for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it keeps the work area clean and efficient, and secondly, it prevents you from piling up so much stuff on top that you can’t safely move the cart. With regard to keeping your area clean, this angled design is clearly helpful. It prevents potential spills or other catastrophic messes.

Furthermore, preventing the issue of cluttering up your work environment. Rather, the angled shelf makes it inconvenient to set excessive items near your welding equipment as a result of keeping your most important work area tidy and ready to use.

As for promoting the mobility of your cart, the angled shelf won’t allow you to set easy-to-lose items on top. Thereby, allowing the cart to move freely, without worrying about things falling off or the cart toppling over under all the weight. It’s essentially a friendly method to keep your work area clean.

Summing Up

This slanted shelf offers a better standpoint for viewing your equipment while providing the ideal reachability of your controls, creates a safer low center of gravity for your cart, and effectively keeping away the unnecessary clutter that can limit the mobility of welding equipment. So, no, you might not need that extra angle, but we suggest you’ll be much better with it than without!