10 Best Welder Brands – Latest Guide for 2020

The best welders always help to conquer the welding process regardless of the welding types. You may get confused which welder brand is the best one for welding. Hence, this guide has come up with the world’s most reputable and noteworthy brands for providing you the best welding brands in 2020.

1. The Best Welder Brand: Lincoln Electric

John C. Lincoln is the founder of the Lincoln Electric Company. The company started in 1895. Initially, the company had an objective of creating design of electrical motors for itself. After consistent efforts and years of motivation, Lincoln introduced the world’s first portable welder in 1911. The major invention of Lincoln welding company is its shielded arc during WW2. Currently, the company generates revenue of about $2.5 billion a year and owns 1000 more companies. 

The Best Welder Brand - Lincoln Electric Welder Brand Logo
The Best Welder Brand – Lincoln Electric Welder Brand Logo

Lincoln is an expert of manufacturing TIG and shielded arc welders. It has a background of strong ethical practices. Moreover, Lincoln owns a range of products including the “robotic welders”. Lincoln has considerable customer service and it’s incredibly an award-winning company. It has received awards from Manny for its manufacturing the Vertex 360 virtual arc welding trainer. 

The price range of Lincoln products varies according to the welder type. MIG welders are available for $600 to $2500+ while TIG welders can be for $1,800 to $3200+. The stick welders are inexpensive at about $500 whereas, professional welders like the Power MIG 350MP also cost $5,000+.

2. Trusted Destination for Your Welding Projects: Miller

The history of the Miller welder brand is interesting. Niels Miller is the pioneer of this brand. He was working in his basement shop in 1929 and came up with an idea of manufacturing a stick welder out of scrap steel material. 

Trusted Destination for Your Welding Projects - Miller Welder Brand Logo
Trusted Destination for Your Welding Projects – Miller Welder Brand Logo

The welder did function very well. Thereby, this became a reason for gaining popularity and it was the start of the brand Miller as a “Miller Electric” manufacturing company. Later on, Miler manufactured a high-frequency welder that was capable of  AC welding. 

Miller is one of the premium brands in the market. The entry-level MIG welder cost around $800. However, the Miller Trailblazer 325 diesel welder costs over $15,000. For professional use, the Miller Big Blue 800 Airpak costs about $40,000. For stick welders, Miller provides the welder starting from the range of $500 (Check Thunderbolt Series).

3. Hobart

In 1971, Charles Clarence Hobart, his family introduced Hobart welders. Now, the company manufactures a lot of different products including office chairs and compressors.

Hobart Welder Brand Logo
Hobart Welder Brand Logo

Hobart’s first welder was stick electrodes. Hobart remained a family-owned business until it was purchased by Illinois Tool Works in 1996. Now it is also a parent company of Miller Electric. Hobart is known for its MIG welding machines, competitively priced, compared to Miller and Lincoln welders. It is a versatile brand and offers durable yet portable welders. 

The least expensive welders by Hobert cost about $400 (Hobart Stickmate). The top-end welders cost up to $3,500 (Hobart Champion Elite). 

Currently, Hobart only owns one TIG welder in its line, the Hobart EZ-TIG 165i, ranging between $1,300 and $1,600. As a matter of fact, Hobart welders are significantly affordable compared to Lincoln and Miller welders.

Handler 115V and Handler dual-voltage (115V/230V) MIG welders are the best selling welders of Hobart.

4. Everlast

Everlast was discovered in 2004, California. In reality, the business model of Everlast welders was entirely e-based, but now Everlast has distributors around the globe. It has become a multinational company. 

Everlast Welder Brand Logo
Everlast Welder Brand Logo

The launch of the “Power” IGBT series in 2008 flourished Everlast and helped in gaining attention from the people. Everlast brand has fairly low prices with quality products. It has a signature industrial green color for its company. 

The welders of the Everlast brand are reliable, durable and functional. The products come with a five-year warranty and include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. Forney

Forney welders company is named after JD Forney, who was the pioneer of the company back in 1936. This 90 years old company had a successful experience with a couple of 110V and 150 amp welder machines. Since then it has tried hard to make its name in the industries and to win one of the top names among the brands of welders. 

Forney Welder Brand Logo
Forney Welder Brand Logo

In 1930, arc welding and few successful models were manufactured by Forney. Eventually, they produced all-purpose welders with few updated successors. 

Forney Easy Weld 3-in-1 140 amp welder is the best welder overall with such features, high rating on Amazon and its price. However, Forney Easy Weld 140 amp mig welder is a considerable option for those who want a durable cheap mig welder.


ESAB (Elektriska Svetsnings-Aktiebolaget) stepped into the welding industry in 1904. Oscar Kjellberg manufactured the first flux-coated welding electrode. He was very well familiar that the contaminants like oxygen and water vapour reduce the quality of welding. He invented the way to prevent it. He invented the method to prevent this situation and came up with an idea of covered electrodes.

ESAB Welder Brand Logo
ESAB Welder Brand Logo

ESAB is a peripheral of the Colfax Corporation. ESAB has one of the widest ranges of electrodes by a single manufacturer. Thereby, it allows you to own an ideal electrode for the job. No doubt, ESAB is one of the highly reputable electrode manufacturers.

7. AHP

AHP is a Chinese company, although it has a USA postal address for contact purposes. Some of the models by AHP resemble Everlast products. AHP is not a popular brand and sells the products at half the price of many competitor machines.

AHP Welder Brand

Despite being unpopular in the market AHP welders are powerful and durable. There are very few reports of mechanical issues with AHP. 

AHP AlphaTIG 200X is the only AHP welder on Amazon and it has a high rating of 4.6/5 with 5-star ratings from 80% of the buyers.


In 1978, a classic US car restorer felt the need to introduce a one-stop-shop for the growing market of welders. As a result, he discovered the Eastwood brand. Initially, the products manufactured with metal-finishing. 

The brand marketing of the Eastwood company was conducted through trade shows and magazines. Their consistent efforts increased the sales of Eastwood dramatically. Currently, Eastwood sells more than 5,000 products, including all sorts of welding equipment. 

EASTWOOD Welder Brand Logo
EASTWOOD Welder Brand Logo

Eastwood products are affordable, ideal for hobbyists, have excellent customer service, stays connected with the end-user and products are assembled in the United States. 

Eastwood provides welding safety equipment, tools and carts to its consumers. The famous one is the MIG/TIG/Plasma cart by Eastwood, which is one of the best welding carts for plasma cutters. 

Eastwood welders are more suitable for hobbyists than for the professional welders. Thereby, the price range of Eastwood is competitively affordable than the brands mentioned above. Eastwood’s most affordable MIG and TIG welders cost about $400 (Eastwood mig 135 amp mig welder) up to a maximum of $1,100 (Eastwood 200 amp digital tig welder).

9. LOTOS Technology

The Lotos Technology welder brand is located in California, USA and was founded in 2007. The popular products by LOTOS are cutting and welding tools mostly that are preferably meant for hobbyists and DIY activities. 

Mostly, the welding machines of LOTOS serve multi-purposes. Welders of this brand are known for its quality and affordable prices. They are commonly labelled as “American quality but Chinese price.”

LOTOS Technology Welder Brand Logo
LOTOS Technology Welder Brand Logo

LOTOS technology products are manufactured by using the most advanced technology such as the MOSFET based HF inverter technology or Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). It is widely used to produce their plasma cutters to provide accuracy and precision while performing the process of cutting. 

This innovative and advanced technology is accountable to give smooth and clean cuts for all surfaces. Interestingly, minimum metal distortion with less heat is observed throughout the process. Some of the welders by LOTOS are equipped with IGBT technology for improving the welding quality.


Fronius was established in Austria by Günter Fronius and his wife, Friedl. By 1950, it started to produce welding transformers. Fronius focused on technology to such an extent that the business flourished and was handed over to the Fronius children in the 1980s.

FRONIUS Welder Brand Logo
FRONIUS Welder Brand Logo

The family still runs Fronius, and the company has split into three distinct parts named “Perfect Charging”, “Solar Energy” and “Perfect Welding”. Fronius gives an impressive warranty of five years and is supported by European standards of production.

Fronius is one of the expensive welder brands. The cheapest welder by Fronius costs over $1,000. Thereby, the products by Fronius are mainly designed for high-end industry consumers, and this is why we wrote down Fronius to our top 10 brands list.

Most Common Questions on Best Welder Brands

What is the best welder brand?

Lincoln is the best welder brand overall. It offers products both for domestic and industrial use. This brand also offers robotic welding machines mostly used in industries. Besides welder machines, Lincoln also supplies electrodes and flux-cored wires.

What are the most important factors to consider deciding the best welder brands?

For buying the welder machine you should look for the cost, warranty, welder type and the brand reviews of the welder brand. 

Should I prefer the known welder brands?

Yes! You should definitely prefer the welders from the above-mentioned list. The welders are chosen by keeping in view the accurate rating, reviews and brand value of the welders. 

Last Words on The Best Brands of Welding Machine Industry

Choosing an appropriate welder is not a tough task if you have the knowledge about the best welder brands. The welder brands mentioned above are of high quality, and most of them meet the requirements of industrial and domestic use—notably, Lincoln, Miller and Hobart welder brands. 

All the brands own an authentic origin and purpose. However, choosing a welder brand is totally a personal choice. For making your choice, do consult the article before purchasing your welder and make sure to leave the comment below for the best welder brand in your opinion.