You can surely view the solar eclipse by wearing welding helmets. But, there are some necessary and strict measures to follow for viewing a solar eclipse. 

NASA states that the welding helmets that only have shade 12 or greater are safe to view the solar eclipse. These ones are darker than the filters used during most types of welder helmets. Therefore, if you are clueless about the shades of your old helmets discard them right away.

Despite using the shade 12, many people still find the Sun too bright and some find the Sun too dim in a shade 14 filter.

Recommendations By NASA to Safely View The Solar Eclipse 

NASA has recommended some great and highly applicable safety tips to view the solar eclipse without damaging your eyes.

  • Don’t use homemade filters as these filters don’t provide the necessary protection for viewing the solar eclipse.
  • The viewing glasses should be ISO 12312-2 certified by international standard.
  • Discard the equipment that is older than three years.
  • Don’t use the lens of the glasses if they have scratches or cracks.
  • Refrain from using ordinary dark glasses.
  • Don’t buy a welding helmet that has a shade of less than 12. 

Factors to Consider For Buying A Welding Helmet to View The Solar Eclipse 

A higher price of welding helmets never means it is worth buying! Even the junk glasses are sold at a rate more than we can afford. Thereby, for staying away from such traps, let’s seep into the factors you should consider before buying a welding helmet for viewing the Solar eclipse: 

1. The Right Shading 

A helmet with a shade higher than level 12 is recommended, shade level 13 is the best and highly optimal shade. However, a helmet with a shade 14 is too dark for viewing the solar eclipse. 

2. Proper Coverage

The helmet should completely protect you from the sun rays. The viewing window of the helmet should not be small either. It is also essential to ensure that there are no cracks or gaps in the viewing window.

3. Correct Method of Viewing

Wear the helmet before looking at the sun. Do not take it off while you are viewing the eclipse. Turn away your face from the Sun and then take off the helmet.

Wrapping Up

You can watch a solar eclipse with a welding mask; you just have to make sure that it is rated above shade level 12. Also, the helmet should be in good condition, and there should not be any scratches or cracks on the viewing window.

Keeping such precautions in mind for viewing the Solar eclipse will surely make the phenomenon of the most unforgettable one.