Top 10 MIG Welders of 2021 / 2022

MIG welders are some of the most versatile types out there as they offer a wide array of uses and can be used by experience levels of all types. The ease of use, overall price and portability makes them extremely popular among enthusiasts and professionals and sports some of the best names in the business. If you’re looking for a new MIG welder, then you’ve come to the right spot as we managed to look much closer into the best one’s out there.

This review details the Top 10 MIG Welders of 2021 to make your next purchase as easy as can be.

1. Ready Welder RWII 10250 MIG Welders with Spool Gun – 9.9

Ready Welder RWII 10250 MIG Welders with Spool Gun Review


Ready Welder isn’t one of the bigger names like Lincoln and Miller, but what they’ve managed to do with their limited lineup is introduce the most impressive MIG welder, ever. The RWII deserves the 9.9 out of 10 and gets as close to a perfect rating as we’ve seen which allowed them to beat out the bigger names in this review.

The RWII MIG welder offers the best features for a price that’s best suited for a wide array of users making it highly recommended for beginners, intermediates and even professionals. Aside from the amazing price point, what distinguished this MIG welder and spool gun apart from the rest is the compatibility with all the top players including Miller, Lincoln, Hobart and ESAB.

The spool gun alone is second to none and is well worth the sub-$700 price tag. The versatility allows you to hook up to any DC capable welding machine and gives you superior control and optimal performance. Included is an AC/DC power supply, but what’s missing is the ground cable and battery connection cables which will have to be purchased separately.


  • Strong,smooth welds especially with aluminum
  • Powerful despite its smaller size
  • Overloaded with a 220-amp
  • Durable and made to last
  • Continuous wire feed and amps


[b color=#020d13 title=”CONS” colorb=#020d13 ]

  • Difficult for beginners to setup


2. Lincoln Electric K3963-1 Powermig 210 Mp – 9.5

Lincoln Electric K3963-1 Powermig 210 Mp Review


Lincoln Electric introduced MIG welders of all types ranging in size in price from one end to another. The Powermig 210 Mp is another near-perfect adaption of what a welder should be which gives users portability, performance and power in one. Coming in at just 40 pounds while giving you 210-amps of power, you get the best of all worlds in this compact, yet durable MIG.

The Lincoln Electric Powermig 210 Mp gives you dual voltage capability with the option of connecting to 120v or 230v electricity. Other features include a large digital display which makes it easier to setup and puts the control where you really need it and push and turn digital controls which makes use and setup easy enough for those with little to no experience.


  • Can accommodate Stick, flux core and TIG welding making it versatile
  • Great power for a compact model
  • Dual voltage allowing you to hook up to any conventional power supply
  • Strong, made to last
  • Simple to operate, even for newbies


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty welding projects
  • Expensive

3. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 115V MIG Welder – 9.5

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 115V MIG Welder Review


The Handler series from Hobart is one of the most recognized in the business as they give users a wide array of power options to meet the needs of every welder. The Handler 140 is a 115volt model and has addons including with gel, pliers, rack and a rack and pliers. This affordable MIG welder deserves the 3rd mention in this review which comes in hundreds less than other comparable options.

Aside from price, the Handler 140 has great performance including a max thickness capability of 24 ga up to 1/4 in mild steel. Other standout specs include a max amperage of 25–140; duty cycle of 20% @ 90 Amps, and 19V. We’ve also seen a stable and smooth arc thanks to the 5-position voltage control which allows you to dial in your preferred setting with ease.


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Great, strong build quality
  • Smooth and strong welds
  • Stronger flux core welds than most
  • Flux core wire included in the box


  • Included wire spool low quality

4. RazorWeld ViperMig 180amp Mig Welder – 9.4

RazorWeld ViperMig 180amp Mig Welder Review


The ViperMIG from RazorWeld is another high-quality and affordably priced MIG welder that deserves the 4th spot in this review. Scoring an impressive 9.4 out of 10 and supported with a perfect 5-star consumer rating on Amazon makes this a must-have for entry level welders and intermediates. The price speaks for itself, but what isn’t said is how much of a welder you get for so cheap.

The ViperMIG excels at performance with a strong, smooth weld that produces little to no splatter and a smooth arc seen when welding aluminum, steel, stainless-steel and other metals. For added durability there’s a cast Aluminum wire feed and with a duty cycle of 30% @ 180Amps and dual voltage capability you’re getting the best of all worlds.


  • Strong aluminum drive system
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing price
  • Can run on run on 220v 50hz with no issues


  • No spool gun attachment
  • No owners manual included

5. Miller Electric 120/240VAC 1 Phase MIG Welder – 9.4

Miller Electric 120/240VAC 1 Phase MIG Welder Review


Miller introduced another beauty with this 1 Phase MIG welder which was dressed to impress. The aesthetic appeal helps it stand out in a crowd, but where it really shines is what’s packed inside its compact, yet durable frame. Miller did it right while introducing this 230volt model giving you portability and power in one.

The dual voltage capable model allows you to connect to any household current while giving you flux core and MIG welding options in one. The max thickness welding is comparable with other models giving allowing you to weld aluminum 18 ga. to 3/8″, mild-steel 24 ga. to 3/8″ and stainless-steel 20 ga. to 1/4″.

Also featured is an angled cast-aluminum drive system, Quick Select Drive Roll, Thermal overload protection, on-demand fan, Auto Spool Gun Detect, Smooth-Start and much more.


  • Works without issues on 220v
  • Precise welds with minimal splatter
  • Smooth and strong welds
  • Heavy-duty, but still portable
    Quiet operation


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Shorter ground cable

6. Lincoln Electric K4195-1 Power Mig 210 MP Multi-Process Welder – 9.4

Lincoln Electric K4195-1 Power Mig 210 MP Multi-Process Welder Review


Lincoln Electric did it right when they introduced this multi-purpose MIG welder giving you the capability to weld like a pro while including everything you need. Out of the box, this package includes the MIG welding machine and spool gun which are best suited for novice welder while delivering optimal results. The rugged sheet-metal construction gives you a lightweight, yet durable frame making it perfect for in any smaller shop or jobsite.

The Power MIG 210 MP has become a great seller from one of the most reputable brands in welding. The lightweight frame comes in around 40 pounds making it highly portable and gives you connectivity to dual voltage making it possible to use on both 110v and 230v electricity. For ease of use and setup, there’s a large display which puts everything right onscreen and push and turn digitized controls which offer a simple to use interface.


  • Onscreen display makes setup easier, although some beginners still find it difficult
  • Dual voltage, can be use 120v and 230v
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Suitable for beginners, but feature rich enough for professionals
  • Stick, TIG and MIG welding


  • Expensive for some
  • Difficult to setup for some beginners

7. Hobart 500536001 IronMan 230 W/DP-3545-20 Spool Gun – 9.3

Hobart 500536001 IronMan 230 W/DP-3545-20 Spool Gun Review


The Hobart IronMan is easily one of the best-selling MIG welders of all-time and is one of the hardest to find. If you’re lucky enough to pick up this 230 model which includes the spool gun which delivers 30-250 Amps of continuous welding power. This IronMan is made from all high-quality parts giving you years of use with durable construction

The Hobart IronMan 230 comes complete with everything you need to DIY any welding project you have in mind. Specs include an impressive welds 24-Gauge to 1/2-Inch steel in a single pass, 0 to 700 IPM wire feed speed, and dual-drive rolls for .024-Inch, .030-Inch, .035-Inch and .045-Inch wires which are quick change.


  • Hinged door makes it easier to access the wire feed system
  • Easy to use
  • Strong, water tight welds
  • Quiet, fan does not constantly run like other MIG welders
  • Spool gun included


  • Power and ground cable too short
  • Wire guide can be problematic with alignment

8. Lotos MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder Flux Core Welder – 9.0

Lotos MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder Flux Core Welder Review


The Lotos MIG140 is one of the best bargains in this review and shares mention of being one of the best cheap MIG welders this year. The simple interface makes it easy enough for any newbie as it has a minimal learning curve to fully understand its operation. Weighing in at 54 pounds it’s not as light as others, but offers an ergonomic design which still makes it portable.

Delivering a full 140-amps of power, this MIG wire welder also gives you the option for flux core weld with ease. Some of the highlight features include variable speed, dust cycle percentage, and a variable speed dial. At this price you’re getting one heck of a bargain and there’s over 60 consumers on Amazon who agree with us.


  • Setup takes less than 10 minutes
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight, but durable
  • Internal heat protection keeps it from overheating
  • Option to use with or without gas


  • Spool gun not included
  • Gas hose connection poorly placed

9. Lincoln Electric 220/208/230VAC Wheeled MIG Welder – 9.0

Lincoln Electric 220/208/230VAC Wheeled MIG Welder Review


This 230-voltage wheeled MIG welder is perfect for shops and the mobile welder. The wheels give you the ability to move the 200+ pound frame which delivers a great deal of power and multiple inputs including 220/208/230VAC. Although the price won’t be for everyone, intermediates and professionals will find it’s more than perfect.

For performance, users have noted a smooth arc delivered each time with minimal splatter. The weld itself is super-strong and smooth and the control allow you to optimize welding in even the toughest spots. Superior welds are seen with all types of material including aluminum, mild-steel, stainless-steel and other alloy giving you a one welder fits all solution.


  • Easy to setup with thumb tight screws
  • Heavy-duty welder to take on any welding task
  • Smooth, continual arc
  • Portable, yet durable and strong construction
  • High quality wheel system


  • Heavy
  • More expensive than others

10. Smarter Tools FC-125p 125 Amp Flux-Cored Wire-Feed Welder – 8.9

Smarter Tools FC-125p 125 Amp Flux-Cored Wire-Feed Welder Review


Smarter Tools introduced this flux core wire feed welder which has become a top-seller on Amazon. This 125-amp model may not boast the power that other MIG welders in this review have, but does a great job with efficiency while delivering a perfect weld with smaller to mid-sized DIY projects. The ease of use makes it suitable for beginners and those looking for uptime will appreciate the duty cycle which is 20% at 80 amps which means 2 full minutes of welding before having to stop.

Included out of the box is a 10-foot MIG torch, gasless nozzle, contact tips, face shield, brush hammer, and a ground clamp with a short 6-feet lead. If you’re lucky enough to find one will be the problem as it sells out quickly.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple to use and setup
  • Great, smooth arc


  • Professionals will find it’s too basic


MIG welding is one of the favorite passions among DIY enthusiasts as it offers the sort of reward you just don’t find while using other types of power tools. Finding the best of the best is the problem which is why we constructed this review on the best MIG welders of 2020, but if you have anything else to add why not share your experience with the rest of the community in the comment section below.