Choosing a new welder can be a daunting task as there are so many variables that need to be considered such as the brand, type, price, quality, ease of use, among others. As a consumer, you should be in no hurry to make a buying decision.

Top 20 Welders of 2018 – MIG, TIG, Stick, AC, DC, 110v, 220v

We believe that you should take your time and choose what’s best for you. To help you make the right choice, we have created this in-depth review that compares the best welder options out there. It includes a list of the Top 20 Welders of 2021 from all the welder machine categories.

1. Ready Welder RWII 10250 MIG Welders with Spool Gun – 9.9

Ready Welder RWII 10250 MIG Welders with Spool Gun Review


If you want to take your welding skills to the next level, the Ready Welder product is just the machine for you. With its handy spool gun, this top-rated MIG welder gives you one of the best performances you can find out there. It also offers you the versatility you need for hooking products from top brands such as Lincoln, Hobart, Miller, and ESAB.

Top features of the Ready Welder RWII include minimizing spatter, ability to weld all types of steel and aluminum, an easy to use interface that suits all skill levels, higher quality LC 10 type connectors, both AC and DC power supply, and a 12 Volt battery for thin sheet metal. The 24 Volts single pass 1/2″ @275 amp while 36v welds up to 3/4″ @350 to 400 amp.


  • Continuous wire feed and amp delivery
  • Durable and strong
  • Powerful 220-amps
  • Strong and smooth welds for aluminum and metals
  • Great price point considering what you get


  • Hard for beginners to setup
  • Steep learning curve

2. Miller Electric 150 STL Maxstar 115/230VAC TIG Welder – 9.8

Miller Electric 150 STL Maxstar 115/230VAC TIG Welder Review


The Miller Electric’s 150 STL Maxstar also makes top-list in our review. This should be no surprise as the dual-voltage MIG welder scores an impressive 9.8 out of 10 due to its flawless ability to weld stainless and mild steel. It’s a little bit pricey but the incredible Lift Arc function and DC inverter definitely make it worth your money.

With the 150 STL Maxstar, you can plug into any conventional power source at 115v and 230v. It also gives you both Stick and TIG welding capability which means more versatility for getting the job done. Weighing in at just over 40 pounds, it is extremely portable. Backed up by the worldwide reputation of Miller Electric, no issues have been reported with the performance of this DC welder.


  • On-demand cooling fan instead of constant
  • Includes a 120v and 240v plug
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Smoother operation with Lift Start and foot pedal
  • Easy to use, intuitive control panel


  • Cannot weld aluminum

3. ESAB MiniArc 161LTS Stick Package – 9.8

ESAB 0558101694 MiniArc 161LTS Stick Package Review


ESAB has not released anything into the market recently but this Stick welder is, without a doubt, one of the best out there. To back it up, the package boasts a 5-star rating from consumers just like you! It features simple setup and usage that makes it perfect for newbies and intermediates. Performance wise, it highlights a voltage auto-select feature that changes voltage automatically to 115v or 230v depending on where the machine is plugged.

The MiniArc is extremely lightweight (20 pounds)and quite compact in structure. It offers a wide range of amperage output varying from 5A to 160A. With this type of versatility, you can expect to meet the desired results no matter the project you are working on.


  • Lightweight design making it portable
  • Simple to use control system
  • Simple setup for all skill levels
  • Smooth, consistent arc
  • Quiet


  • Doesn’t include regulator or torch
  • Expensive

4. Everlast 2017 PowerTIG 350EXT 350amp Digital AC DC TIG Stick Pulse Welder – 9.7

Everlast 2017 PowerTIG 350EXT 350amp Digital AC DC TIG Stick Pulse Welder Review


Featuring a powerful 350-amp Stick, TIG, and pulse welder, Everlast introduces one of the best welders from their collection. A multi-function digital interface that meets you at first glance makes setup simple and also offers the user more control. Such precision is just what you need for optimized results.

The 2017 PowerTIG 350EXT is a heavy-duty model. However, it still offers you the portability needed for moving from one job to another. Distinguishing features include a Digital IGBT Inverter (rugged enough for any location), Advanced AC Pulse, Soft Square, Advanced Square, Triangular and Sine Wave Forms. The duty cycle comes in at 35% @ 350 Amps, rated for commercial use, meaning that it can handle any project that you may have at hand.


  • Portable, although it’s larger than most of the other machines
  • Sharp and faster arc starts
  • Runs cool
  • Regulator and foot pedal included
  • Recommended to get the 240-volt cooler for a more efficient operation


  • Loud operation
  • Expensive, but right considering the features

5. Everlast 2017 PowerTIG 185 DV AC / DC TIG Stick Welder – 9.6

Everlast 2017 PowerTIG 185 DV AC / DC TIG Stick Welder Review


The 2017 PowerTIG 185 DV is one of the most affordable Everlast welders out there. At a friendly price, you get AC, DC, TIG as well as Stick welding in one package.

This 2017 model is a significant upgrade of the previous release which delivers optimal results when welding stainless-steel, mild-steel, alloy, and aluminum. A smooth, stable arc is seen in both the AC and DC modes. To make things better, there is an adjustable AC frequency from 20-250Hz.


  • Responsive and easy to use control panel
  • Control panel gives you lots of customization options
  • Affordable
  • Many accessories which would otherwise cost extra are included for free
  • AC and DC welder combo saves you money
  • 5-year warranty on parts and labor


  • Large bulky Torch
  • Might be too basic for more experienced welders

6. Everlast 2017 PowerTIG 250EX AC DC TIG Stick Pulse Welder – 9.5

Everlast 2017 PowerTIG 250EX AC DC TIG STICK Pulse Welder Review


Ofttimes, size does matter. That is why we included the 2017 PowerMIG in our list. Suitable for all experience levels, this machine has just everything you might need for mid-sized and larger welding projects. It is an award-winning welder that offers you DC, DC, TIG, and Stick welding capabilities in one package.

Unique features include a pre and post flow control which increases shielding gas protection and an HF start circuit which minimizes any long-term maintenance issues.


  • Ground clamp and consumables included
  • High quality performance with TIG feature
  • Welds to 1/16″ to 1/2″
  • Stable and consistent arc
  • Air-cooled torch head functional without needing an additional cable


  • Sporadic low-amperage when using the foot pedal
  • Higher price point

7. Everlast 2017 PowerPro 256Si 250a AC DC TIG Multi-Process Welder – 9.5

Everlast 2017 PowerPro 256Si 250a AC DC TIG Multi Process Welder Review


It’s hard to find a high-quality MI welder that gives you plasma cutting capability. That’s why we could not leave out the 2017 Everlast PowerPro machine.

Unique features include AC and DC functionality, a digitally controlled IGBT inverter for boosted performance, and an intuitive touch control system for optimization. Perfect for beginners, the plasma cutter delivers optimal results- low dross plasma cuts with steel up to 5/8-inch thickness with a max clean cut ability of ¾-inch.


  • Priced according to the features and quality packed in
  • Smooth stable arc
  • Powerful
  • Smooth performance and handling aluminum and DC welds
  • Compact, portable design


  • Cups and collets not included
  • High price might not be appealing to all customers

8. RazorWeld ViperMig 180amp MIG Welder – 9.4

RazorWeld ViperMig 180amp Mig Welder Review


The ViperMiG delivers all the needs of a welder. It certainly deserves a spot in our review. The machine enables you to deliver spot-on welds with a duty cycle of 30% @ 180Amps. It features a dual voltage operation (115v and 230v) which means more flexibility for getting your projects done.

The RazerWeld ViperMIG uses a high-quality cast-aluminum wire feed system. As a result of this continuous feed, the resulting weld is super-strong, smooth, and aesthetic which makes the welder perfect for finish welding. Out of the box features include a 10-inch MIG gun, stinger, flowmeter and ground cable.


  • Better quality compared to the typical Chinese makes
  • Affordable price
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High-quality aluminum drive system
  • Durable than it looks at first glance


  • Does not have a spool gun connection
  • Owners manual not included

9. SÜA ionTig 200 TIG Welder 220V AC/DC Pulsed High Frequency – 9.3

SÜA ionTig 200 TIG Welder 220V AC/DC Pulsed High Frequency Review


The SÜA ionTig 20o is not very popular but considering its affordability and great performance, it’s quite recommendable.  Quite impressively, this machine delivers the same quality you would get with some of the most expensive welder machines out there.

Working on Pulse Stick, TIG and Stick modes this model delivers superior results on aluminum, alloy, stainless steel, and mild steel. It also features the High Pulsed Frequency mode, a unique feature that leaves no deformation on thin material.


  • Affordable
  • Control PCB boards located on top away from wind and inverter
  • Good HF Arc starts
  • Smooth and consistent AC Arc
  • High quality and delicate Tungsten electrodes
  • It is quiet, efficient, lightweight, and durable


  • Foot pedal not included
  • Lower quality name brand

10. Miller Electric 907627 180 TIG Welder – 9.2

Miller Electric 907627 180 TIG Welder Review


Scoring a 9.2 out of 10, Miller Electric ‘s definitely did a good job with this TIG machine that delivers 180amps of power. It’s quite easy to set up and use which makes it perfect for beginners.

With it’s durable, aesthetically appealing compact design, you are assured of strong, smooth welds for stainless-steel, mild-steel and other types of alloy.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Easy setup


  • Cannot be used with a Stinger or for Stick welding
  • Loud fans even when welding with lower amps

11. Everlast 2017 PowerPro 205Si 200a AC DC TIG 50a Plasma Cutter Multi Process Welder – 9.2

Everlast 2017 PowerPro 205Si 200a AC DC TIG 50a Plasma Cutter Multi Process Welder Review


The 2017 PowerPro, a machine that over-delivers in performance, claims the 11th spot in our review. It is a top-performing welder that gives you both TIG and Plasma cutter capabilities with perfect results.

The 205si is powered by 200amps. This is more than enough to take on all types of welding projects. For a heavy-duty welder, it still remains lightweight and portable. The easy to use digital control system makes it simple to set up and for making precise adjustments. Highlight features include an IGBT Infineon Modules, inverter technology, and a great duty cycle fit for TIG, Stick, and Plasma.


  • All welding accessories are included
  • Features a high-quality gas solenoid
  • Precision welding
  • Intuitive control panel for great customization
  • Great welding arc with minimal spatter


  • Requires larger Argon tank
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects

12. Amico TIG 160 Amp Torch ARC Stick DC Welder 110/230V Dual Voltage Welding Machine – 9.1

Amico TIG 160 Amp Torch ARC Stick DC Welder 110/230V Dual Voltage Welding Machine Review


Amico did a good job by introducing this high-performing Amp Torch and for a good price. This dual voltage welder offers you Arc and Stick welding capabilities which definitely makes it worth taking a look at.

With 160 amps of power, the Amico Amp Torch can be used on cast iron, chrome, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, and many others. It’s full-sized TIG and Stick platforms deliver smooth, strong welds which you wouldn’t expect with a welder of this price range.  With a max welding thickness of 3/8-inch, you’re getting a bang for the buck!


  • Improved Lift-Start
  • Quiet
  • Requires short cooling downtime
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight and compact design


  • TIG function cannot weld without gas
  • Cannot weld aluminium
    Minimal spatter

13. Lincoln Electric K3946-2 Aspect 375 AC/DC TIG Welder – 9.0

Lincoln Electric K3946-2 Aspect 375 AC/DC TIG Welder Review


The Lincoln Electric Aspect is one of the most powerful TIG welders you can come across. With a price tag that matches its sheer power, this powerhouse was specifically designed for welders who are always willing to pay more for the quality they get.

The Aspect is both AC and DC capable and certainly deserves the 9.0/10 rating. With this machine, you will get some of the smoothest and strongest welds you have ever seen. You will also get to see Lincoln’s upgraded  Intellistart™ Tech that provides hotter starts for thicker material and softer starts on thinner material.


  • Great customization options compared to other models
  • Excellent welding performance
  • More standard features than competitors
  • Stable and consistent arc
    Minimal spatter


  • A bit pricey
  • A difficult operation for beginners

14. Lincoln Electric 220/208/230VAC Wheeled MIG Welder – 9.0

Lincoln Electric 220/208/230VAC Wheeled MIG Welder Review


Hats off to Lincoln Electric for introducing this wheeled MIG welder which delivers unique results. Weighing just over 200 pounds, this model is made to last a lifetime. The wheels are also durable and strong enough to carry it around.

Other than its durability and portability, there are also other aspects that make this particular model stand out. The flux core and MIG welding are of high quality. They both give you the versatility you need for welding stainless steel, aluminum, mild-steel, and other types of alloy. To offer you more versatility, the model features a wide range of input voltage including 220/208/ & 230VAC.


  • A consistent, smooth welding arc
  • Wheels offer portability for a heavy-duty welder
  • Amazing power
  • Strong and built to last
    Easy thumbscrew setup


  • Higher price
  • Steep learning curve, not suitable for beginner

15. Lotos MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder Flux Core Welder – 9.0

Lotos MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder Flux Core Welder Review


Lotos is another great manufacturer renowned for delivering high-quality welders at affordable prices. The MIG140 is an affordable, great performer that delivers great quality. Its flux core capability is one of the best compared to other welders in the same category.

The Lotos MIG140 is perfect for novices as it offers a keep-it-simple approach. Other standout features include portability, variable speed dial, and a dust cycle percentage. Just a little over 54 pounds, it is light enough for moving about.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can be used with or without gas
  • Built-in heat protection
  • Durable enough for rugged use
  • Accessories e.g. hoses and gauges included


  • Spool gun not included
  • Wire feed roller is hard to install

16. Lincoln Electric K5126-1 Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder – 8.9


The Square Wave TIG 200 is yet another great TIG welder from Lincoln Electric. It offers advanced features but nothing a novice can’t handle. Compared to other models that deliver the same quality, this model is a lot cheaper.

Powered by 200amps of power, you will really notice a difference when welding aluminum. You will get a smooth, strong weld rare to find with any other machine.


  • Simple to use even for beginners
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Can easily change the pulse per second
  • Amazing value for the price
  • Can weld to as little as 10 amps


  • Does not accommodate a spool gun
  • No pre and post gas flow settings

17. Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 125 HD Wire-Feed – 8.9

Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 125 HD Wire-Feed Welder Review


The Weld Pak 125 is one of the most affordable Lincoln Electric welders out there. It is smaller, compact, and delivers 125 amps of power. The high-quality wire feed system delivers a smooth, continuous weld. Delivering a range of amps (30-125), this welder can plug into any conventional household current of 115v.

When using flux core without gas you’ll get a max thickness of 5/16 in. when welding mild steel. For a good price, you’re getting the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a Lincoln product.


  • Great price
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Great for smaller welding projects
  • Simple to setup even for novice welders


  • Too basic for professionals
  • Does not run on 220v

18. Everlast PT200DV PowerTig 200DV 200AMP 110/220 Dual Voltage Pulse AC DC Welder – 8.8

Everlast PT200DV PowerTig 200DV 200AMP 110/220 Dual Voltage Pulse AC DC Welder Review


If you’re looking for a lightweight, portable TIG welder that delivers great power, the Everlast PowerTIG 200DV is just the machine for you. Delivering 200amps of power, the dual voltage machine allows you to hook up to any conventional power source for superior AC and DC welding.

With refined IGBT Infineon Modules, the Everlast PT200DV is a better option than the 2013 model. The 200AMP @ 60% duty cycle delivers great performance- 5/16-Inch GTAW steel on the single pass and 1/4-Inch on GTAW aluminum.


  • Inexpensive compared to similar models
  • Smooth stable arc
  • Minimal spray
  • Foot pedal optimizes control
  • Can be used with generators up to 7500-watts


  • Power cord not included
  • Steep learning curve

19. Everlast PowerTIG 325EXT 320 AMP Digital ACDC TIG Welder – 8.6

Everlast PT325EXT Everlast PowerTIG 325EXT 320 AMP Digital ACDC TIG Welder Review


This is yet another Everlast product that demonstrates the brand’s ability to deliver nothing less of quality. With an 8.6/10, the PT325EXT Everlast PowerTIG 325EXT is perfect for more experienced users and those looking to take on a heavy-duty welding project. It offers options for AC, DC, TIG, and Stick Welding and delivers 320amps with a duty cycle of 60% @ 250 Amps.

The PowerTIG 325EXT is a bit pricey. It’s however perfect for intermediates and professionals looking for superior results. Notable features include Advanced Square, Soft Square, Sine Wave forms, Solid State HF or Lift TIG start Pulse to 500 Hz DC; 250 Hz AC.


  • Smooth, precise DC welding
  • Effortless performance
  • Can weld in tight areas @ 250hz in AC
  • Amazing pulse feature, even at lower pulses (1-2pps) and higher pulses (500pps).
  • Upgraded air and water-cooled torch that improves quality


  • Does not have a water cooler plugin on the rear
  • Will need an upgrade to a larger junction box

20. SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp TIG ARC MMA Stick IGBT DC Inverter Welder System – 8.6

SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp TIG ARC MMA Stick IGBT DC Inverter Welder System Review


Summarizing our review comes a great welder which offers great value at an affordable price. The Sungoldpower TIG/Stick welder delivers 200 amps of power which is actually more than you typically get with a welder machine of this price range. It features an advanced IGBT DC inverter that gives you great MMA and DC TIG welding performance.

Unique features include an IGBT inverter, LED amp display, cooling fan system, Start-easy arc system, overload volt protection, over/under voltage protection and much more.


  • HF Start makes for an easier start
  • Cooling operation with onboard fan keeps it from overheating
  • Variable input voltage
    Lightweight and compact
    Simple to use DC welder


  • Not  the best machine for professionals
  • Does not have a flow option in front or rear


These are certainly the best MIG, TIG, Stick, AC, DC, 110v, and 220v options out there. We hope they fall in the category of the machines you’re looking for. We’ll constantly update our review to feature new releases that meet the standards.

We would also like to hear your opinion about the best welder machines out there. Please do so by dropping us a comment below.